Iron on labels provide identification for laundry sorting in long term care facilities, daycare, schools.

Simplify Laundry sorting with our personalized iron on labels - name tags, USA made since 1984 - We ship within 48 hours! Easy to use!

If this were your loved one, would the officer find ID?
With our iron on clothing laundry labels and name tapes, he would! Can provide identification, name, address, phone number, allergies, emergency contacts!

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We ship within 48 hours of receipt of your order!! (Excluding weekends and holidays), via US Postal Service. Expedited shipping available for additional fees. USA made since 1984!

Has your loved one ever wandered?
Could you be separated from your loved one in an emergency?
Are lost clothes a problem?
Do you need to alert others about allergies and/or medical conditions?
Do you walk, jog, bike, or hike with no identification?

Be prepared in all of the above situations. Our iron on clothing laundry identification labels and name tags are easy to use, can provide ID, as well as emergency information. USA made since 1984

Will last the life of the garment applied to!

(IF properly applied, and if not using commercial dryers set to over 270 degrees!!)

Our personalized iron on clothing laundry labels and name tags have proven useful to thousands since 1984 such as:

Lost school clothes, Nursing homes, Assisted living, Long term care, Convalescent homes / Long term facilities. Memory problems, (Alzheimer's, etc.). Identify and aid in speedy and safe return of wanderer's with our 2, 3, and 4 line labels! Our Name Tags (name tapes/laundry labels), aid in clothing identification and sorting where laundry services are provided.

Schools! Almost all jackets, school uniforms, sweats, and towels look alike ... make sure you get your own items back with our name tags and labels! College Students / Boarding Schools / Schools / Preschools / Athletic facilities / Scouts / Jamboree 2013, Camps. Aids in recovery of lost clothing! Most require clothing be labeled. Excellent for laundry sorting and identification when laundry services are provided.

Joggers / Walkers / Bike riders normally don't carry ID! In an emergency who are they?

Children too young to talk: When small children stray away, our 2, 3, and 4 line labels give you peace of mind knowing that you can be contacted by having contact information and identification on their clothing!

Disabled / handicapped: Our 2, 3, and 4 line clothing labels can identify and provide information for those unable to communicate! (Autistic, non-verbal, etc.)

Hospitals / Group homes / Long Term Care: Our clothing labels, (name tags), aid in laundry sorting and clothing identification!

Shopping malls / Amusement parks: (Disney Land, Disney World, Sea World, etc.) When toddlers wander off, the "lost and found" can page you and speed recovery with our personalized clothing labels!
Color blind? Mark your garments with their color to easily coordinate what you're wearing!

Click the following links for more details on all of our items!

Iron on clothing labels / iron on name tags, name tapes, laundry tags
Personalized iron on clothing labels (name tags / tapes) for long term care, nursing homes, school, preschool, school uniforms, camp, Scouts, athletic facilities. Made in the USA since 1984! Make sure you get your own clothing returned. Our products help return lost children and/or clothing. Also great for "crafters".. such as "Made by", Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, and to identify clothing colors if color blind!
Our labels can provide medical information in emergencies. Our name tags (1 line laundry labels), will help you get your own clothing back if lost. They aid in laundry identification and sorting.
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Medical identification cards
Personalized medical identification card. Opens to 5 sections, folds to wallet size. Made in the USA! Notify providers with more than 70 easy to read medical and identification items, plus authorization for medical treatment. Only 2/$7.00 (set of 2).
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Emergency medical ID bracelets / ID / Jewelry
Emergency medical identification bracelets for adults and children provide emergency information, Rx's, allergies. Personalization Stamped on Stainless Steel. Only $17.63. Can be printed on 2nd. side for additional $5.00. The emblem could save your life! Made in the USA!
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Emergency medical ID necklaces / ID / Jewelry
Emergency medical identification necklaces for adults and children provide emergency information, Rx's, allergies. Personalization stamped on Stainless Steel. Only $17.63. Can be printed on 2nd. side for additional $5.00. The emblem could save your life! Made in the USA!
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Shoe lace tags
Personalized stamped stainless steel shoe lace tags provide identification for children, joggers, walkers, bikers, campers. Made in the USA! Can help return lost children. ONLY $11.39.
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Pet tags
Personalized stamped stainless steel pet tags! Made in the USA! Our pet tags help identify and return lost dogs and cats when they wander off. ONLY $11.39. *Second side can be printed on for additional $5.00.
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Reflective products
If you or a loved one, walk, bike, jog, or do any outside activity at predawn, twilight, or after dark, reflective products can help make you visible.
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