<h1>Letters and email we've received</h1>

Letters, Emails and Testimonials We've Received

C. Hendricks, Cincinnati Ohio: Lauri, Just wanted to let you know I received my order and WOW I love the shoe tags! The turnaround time was unbelievable and the order was perfect just like I requested. The order was for my non verbal autistic son and my 22 month old daughter and now I can rest a little knowing that if they wander off they will be able to be identified and I can be contacted. Thank you so much and I am passing the word on to family, friends, teachers, and support groups that I belong to. Thanks again for the great product!!
B. Sciortino, The Woodlands, TX: "Hi Lauri, The labels arrived today. Thank you for the super speedy delivery! Joey is involved in therapies as well as school and activities, and I always refer parents to you for these labels. This is our third order with you and we are very, very pleased with your service and quality of the labels, as well as other products we have ordered in the past. Thank you"
A. Solomont, Woodbridge, VA: "Hi Ms. Johnson - We spent our early evening tonight ironing on your wonderful labels on our oldest childs belongings - thank you so very much! I will DEFINITELY share your website and products with others - and believe me, I know a whole BUNCH of parents!! The level of customer service was both unexpected and amazing! Feel free to make this a customer testimonial... Impressed and Gratefully yours, Alicia Solomont"
Lt. Governor, Leo T. McCarthy, California: "The work you do sounds like an important component in ensuring the welfare of our nations children". "I wish to commend you on your Child Keep Labels. It is a very imaginative response to the horrors of disappearing children. Our young people are our most valuable resource and deserve the best attention and care that we can offer".
Blue Ash Police Department,Ohio: "This department receives many requests on how to prevent children from becoming lost, and how to identify missing children. This method is presented as a good means of identification for this purpose".
Oprah Winfrey: "Your pledge and commitment will make a tremendous difference in a child's life. Keep up the good work".
Linda E. Maag, AM/PM Program Specialist, Vista, CA Unified School District:" What a clever idea,and so very useful to parents whose children tend to loose their clothing!"
K.E.B., Woodbridge, VA:"I have used your service before for myself and have been very happy with the bracelet that you sent me and now I need one for my son".
B.C., Westminster, MD::"Thank you so much for your wonderful service".
K.H., Hanover, MA:"I got the labels today, very prompt service - thank you! As soon as I can get both boys down for a nap (at the same time), I'll begin ironing. They start day care next Monday, so I have a few days to get the clothes settled with the new labels. I'll be happy to share your company info with friends and family, you were a great Internet find! Regards,".
G.B., Westminster, CO:"Yes, I intend to share this information. I have already printed out the web site information to give to the general manager and special care manager where my mother resides. It is a constant problem with the laundry issues and names in clothing at these places. If you have any brochures please send with my order (10-15 qty) and I can pass along."
J.R. Wake County, NC:"Hello, I just sent payment, sorry it took so long! If you have a banner or something, I would be glad to put it on one of my pages...I ordered from you a LONG time ago and love the tags!!!"
S.B.:"Thank you for printing the labels for XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX. Your kindness will always be appreciated. Please have a wonderful holiday - you have contributed to making my adopted nursing home patients have a better holiday!"
M.Y.K., Union City, California:"Thank you for my order of labels, and the trust with which the transaction was handled. Thank you also for the cause for which you work, and the complimentary order form, which I am returning as I intend to order labels for those to whom I would have given the complimentary order form. May Allah (God) bless you in all that you do. Peace and prosperity, in this life and the hereafter".
R.W., Houston, TX:"Thanks for the speedy service. When I placed the order online I did not realize that it had gone through. I tried to pay with my credit card and had difficulties. I'm glad that it went through and they arrived just in time for my daughter to go to camp. I will tell an anyone about how great your service was".
R.S., Bellevue, NE"I received my bracelet and am extremely pleased. Have sent your site to the doctors office for them to share. My 6 year old daughter is diabetic and we have been looking for fun, long lasting, personalized ID for a while that doesn't cost a fortune. You were our answer. Thanks again" I responded thanking her for her feedback, and this is what she replied: "No, thank you! It's always nice to find a product that is of good quality. Your trust in your customers is inspiring in a time when we all need to trust a little more".
J. J., Palm Harbor, FL"This is a reorder for me; your service was lightning fast and I have been extremely pleased with my first set - they've been exceptional. I would like to put a link to your site on my new web site which will be targeted to elderly and physically challenged customers and their families. Please let me know if that would be OK".
Joe:"Four months ago or so I ordered iron on labels for my son and I to use on our Jambo trip." "As Quartermaster I spoke to a parents/boy meeting for our Jambo Troops about my experience in doing business with you. I truly hope you have been overwhelmed by the parents responding to my strong suggestion to use your product. Also I have even addressed the parents of my home Troop urging them to contact you for the summer camp trip soon to happen. Thank you again for the great product, incredible service and a discount for Boy Scouts! God bless you and your business".
J.H., Friendswood, TX: " We loved the labels - they worked great, thank you!"
C. H.: " Thank you so much for the labels we recently ordered. We ironed them on to many of mom's belongings, and they work great! However we didn't realize how many clothes and things she had that we needed to mark. So, of course, we had better get more. Please see the enclosed order. Thanks again, God Bless".
S.B., Troy, AL: "I want to thank you so much for your prompt service? I got the labels today as we were packing all of my mother's belongings to take her to an assisted care facility. They were easy to apply and look great. I am going to recommend them to everyone on my email list. Thanks again for a great product".
T.A., Ft. Bragg, NC:"Lauri - I tried again with a different iron and didn't have problems. I also found that holding the iron on the label vs. "ironing" back and forth across it worked better. Anyway - got all his stuff labeled and pushed him out the door at 4:30 this morning. I feel confident we'll be able to identify his "stuff" and get it back but, alas, we didn't label him. Thanks for the reply and help.".
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