Emergency medical ID bracelets - identification jewelry - stamped stainless steel - made in the USA

Medical Identification bracelets

This emblem could save your life!

If there is a medical emergency, Rx's, allergies, etc., these medical ID bracelets will notify medical providers in an emergency! All medical ID bracelets are made of non-allergenic stainless steel. Edges are all smooth and rounded. All information is deeply machine stamped, as opposed to engraved jewelery which can be hard to read. Up to 5 lines of personalized information. All stamped characters are color filled with red enamel on this medical jewelry. (If you don't want it color filled, let us know!)

Adult bracelets fit wrist sizes 8-1/2" or under. If too large, links can be removed!! (If you have a larger wrist, let us know). To measure actual wrist size, use a piece of string and then add 1/2" for proper bracelet size.

5 lines of information. Can get 20 characters per line (including spaces) on the front, with medical symbol. If no medical symbol can get about 25-27 characters per line. The 'plate' on the adult bracelet measures 2" wide x 1/2" high, but there is also a larger bracelet plate, available upon request, which measures 2-1/2"x5/8" for 6 lines of ID information at no extra charge..

For children it comes a bit smaller, and the edges are more curved and a bit oblong. The 'plate' on the child's size measures 1-3/4" end to end and is 5/8" high. On child size can get 5 lines and 10-14 characters per line (includes spaces) if it has a medical symbol. Without symbol, can get 15 characters on each line. The links are a little smaller.

Note the size difference between adult and child sizes!

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ONLY $17.63 each!!!

For 2 sided imprint - add $5.00 ($22.63 each)

These are sent directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery (Usually lots less than that!).

See order form to order

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