Complete medical identification card

Medical identification card - only $7.00 for set of 2!!

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Now the most complete medical identification card available

Detailed - easy to read

More than 70 easy-to-read medical and identification items, plus "authorization for emergency medical treatment" on this unique Medical Identification Card.

You fill in your own information.

We suggest you put permanent information in ink, and items likely to change, like Rx's, in pencil!

Recommended by doctors, paramedics, hospitals, police and fire departments. Provide valuable information for safety while traveling, jogging, hiking, bicycling or at home.

Made in the USA! This medical identification card is unlike any other wallet medical card. It has 2 sides and five sections on each side, yet folds to the size of a credit card, (comes with a wallet size vinyl case), to be quickly read at the scene of an accident or emergency, without the need to first call an 800 number or the need for projectors, viewers, or other special equipment.

When someone cannot speak for himself, (because of shock, unconsciousness, language barrier), a medical identification card can provide important information. If the card were only to say "No serious ailment or allergy", and the consent for medical treatment is signed, it could provide faster and better treatment. There are spaces to show age, height, weight, blood type, principal medical problems, allergies, immunizations, chronic conditions, medications taken, treatments you are undergoing, past major illnesses, where and when you had a recent chest X-ray and EKG, whether you wear a pacemaker, contact lenses, dentures, hospital preference, eye glass prescriptions, physical defects, languages spoken, insurance companies, policy numbers, authorization for emergency medical treatment or surgery ... plus spaces for 30 additional items of information!

Special medical identification card for minors

Fatal mistakes and painful delays can occur in the treatment of minors when their medical history or written consent for treatment is not immediately available. Children, ages one through fourteen suffer more deaths due to accidents than the six leading diseases combined. In many cases, readily available, easy-to-read medical history and consent for medical treatment could have saved their lives.

Most doctors and hospitals require written consent of parent or guardian before treatment of a minor. Quite often a parent is not available to sign the consent or provide vital medical data for immediate treatment.

Parents can help protect the health, safety and lives of their children by filling out a minor's medical identification card for them, with an "authorization for medical treatment" to be signed by a parent or guardian and notarized, in a vinyl card case. As few small children are able to carry a card on their person, it is recommended that their medical information, in the vinyl case, be placed on the refrigerator door where it can be easily seen. The refrigerator is the most easily located item in the home. Many police, paramedics, and other persons have been trained to look there for medical data cards.

Grandparents, friends, housekeepers, and baby sitters should all be informed where children(s) medical identification cards are kept.

Attention: Business owner's

Insurance, Travel agents, Motor Clubs, Car Rental Agencies, Physicians, Hospitals, Civic Groups, Retirement Organizations, etc. Give these as gifts to your customers/clients/patients. Volume discounts on large orders.

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