Shoe tags. Identification for children, joggers, biking, walking.

Shoe lace tags for children, jogging, biking, and walking

PARENTS.. do your children ever wander?

Shopping malls/amusement parks: (Disney Land, Sea World, etc.) When toddlers wander off, the "lost and found" can page you and speed recovery!
Children too young to talk! When small children stray away, our shoe tags can give you peace of mind that you can be contacted!
Joggers / walkers / bicycle riders- they normally don't carry ID!

When children wander off and are too young to talk, they need some kind of identifier so they can be safely returned! Since little ones often won't wear an identification bracelet or necklace, they need something. These shoe tags are the answer! Get several so you have them for several pairs of shoes!
(Also good for wanderer's such as Alzheimer's patients or children with autism! Often they won't wear bracelets or necklaces and have no ID!)

ShoeTag for ID when biking, jogging, walking - 4130 Bytes
Shoe tags can have up to 5 lines of information, (17 letters/spaces each line), such as Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone. They measure 1-3/4" wide from end to end. Between the holes it measures 1-1/8", and they are 5/8" high.

ONLY $11.39 each

Ships directly from manufacturer. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery (Usually much, much faster than that!).

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When adults are out jogging, hiking, biking, walking.. they rarely carry ID! If anything were to happen, who are they? You don't want them to be listed as a John or Jane Doe if they have to be hospitalized.. our shoe lace tags are the answer!

Statistically 9 out of 10 joggers do not have any ID while jogging! If folks drive to a place to jog or walk, they usually lock their purse or wallet in the car trunk, and just have their car keys on them!

Many years ago, when we lived in the San Diego, CA, a very prominent doctor used to ride his bicycle down the coast early every morning. One morning he was killed by a hit and run driver. He was taken to the morgue and listed as a "John Doe". His family was distraught, he was missing, and they were not notified until a couple of days later when things were matched up, because he had NO ID on his person! This was told to me by his wife!

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