Why we started Identifind Iron On Labels

The story behind IdentiFind iron on labels©

Everyone should make the protection of their loved ones their number one priority ... and that's exactly what we are trying to do!

My husband and I were profoundly moved and saddened by the tragedy, (which we viewed on TV in 1984), that befell little Adam Walsh, in Florida. There's nothing we can do to help little Adam now, except to try to keep the loved one's we now have safer!!

In 1984, another Adam, (our grandson), began running away in crowded department stores, playing "hide and seek", (at age 3), and it really frightened us! If he should become lost, he didn't know his address or phone number...he was too young! Shortly after this was called to our attention, I saw a little boy toddling down the middle of a busy street toward the intersection. I ran over and picked him up, and asked, "Where is Mommy?" He didn't even talk yet. He was too young! Luckily a lady answered one of the doors I knocked at and knew he belonged up a long hill, half a block away...and mommy didn't even know he was gone! He had learned to open the front door! These two incidents caused my husband and I a great deal of concern! Next - in the mail came a renewal notice for our dogs tags, as well as our cars tags! Everything, even luggage, is tagged! How about our loved ones? These events inspired us to start "Child Keep©"!

There are other programs: ID cards, bracelets, necklaces, and shoe tags - but, they can be lost or forgotten! (Even though we make these available to our customers as well). The little boy I found was barefoot. We feel our labels are an improvement to the other methods available, because as long as a person is clothed, they will have emergency information and ID at all times!

Even though this originated with children in mind, we have grown to include people of all ages in all circumstances, such as diabetics, down's syndrome, Alzheimer's, autism, and even those without medical conditions such as joggers, hikers, bikers, etc., that might not have ID if needed in an emergency. Everyone benefits! As a result of going to all ages, some people weren't comfortable with the name "Child Keep", therefore, to be more generic, the labels are called "IdentiFind Iron On Labels©".

Child Keep/IdentiFind© is currently listed in the "Directory of Products to Assist Alzheimer's Care Givers"; the American Diabetes "Forecast"; and the "State of the State in Child Abuse Prevention Annual Directory" for California. We are also proud to have been the providers of clothing labels for the Alzheimer's Association's National "Safe Return" Program. Since "Safe Return" began in 1993, more than 5,000 registrants have been reunited with their families!

"Together, and with God's help, we can make a difference!"
Rom and Lauri Johnson, Co-Founders, IdentiFind/Child Keep©

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